Both in Brazil and in the US, my training and clinical experience have specifically focused on contemporary psychoanalytic theories and techniques. Psychoanalytic-informed psychotherapy is an in-depth process that leads to increased awareness, broader integration, emotional regulation and enduring change and transformation. My approach to psychotherapy thus integrates psychoanalytic ideas, creativity, cultural sensitivity and mutual collaboration.

In a broader way, this means that in our work together, we will collaborate to learn more about underlying meanings that impact your daily interactions and emotional experience. In addition, I also consider our relationship to be a very precious vehicle both of communication and transformation, and I value the ways in which our interaction may reveal new and before unknown aspects of your emotional life.

Beyond that, I bring into my work my experience as a bi-cultural and bilingual therapist, and in our sessions we will be able to validate and recognize different aspects of your cultural identity and explore how those get manifested in your relationships. My passion for creative writing and artistic expression also influences my thinking, leading to my incorporating in our work the exploration of varied forms of language, such as dreams, metaphors and non-verbal communication.

In addition, many people find that working more frequently significantly increases the potential for change and movement, therefore I also offer the possibility of multiple sessions per week. We can discuss the most appropriate treatment option for you in our first session.

All in all, I strongly believe that no cry should go unheard and I am committed to restoring your motivation and inspiration, leading to you having a more creative, playful and fulfilled life.