Establishing a life, which supports and nourishes one's creativity is an enormous challenge. Creative blocks happen more often than you imagine, and are actually expected during any creative process. Moments of hesitation and/or blankness may prelude your creative spur. You may want to consider seeking help when those blocks became pervasive and negatively impact your productivity and flow.

As a creative individual, you may experience many of the unique challenges inherent to the creative process itself:

  • creative blocks, writer's block or lack of flow;
  • being paralyzed by inner critic,
  • anxiety and/or self-doubt;
  • desire to enhance your creativity or performance;
  • yearning for more authentic and/or productive creative expression; among others.

In any of those cases, psychotherapy may be a fertile space to explore and dig into the darkness of the moments in which you cant move forward. By actively engaging with those struggles, we will gradually uncover the unknown aspects of you emotional experience that may be impacting your creativity. This process will allow you to overcome your creative blocks and regain confidence in your own creative capacity. 

In our work together, we will think creatively and collaboratively about the challenges that may interfere with your creative work and emotional health, leading you to re-discover who you are as a creative person and increasing the aliveness of your personal or professional projects. Moreover, the psychotherapeutic process itself is a creative endeavor that allows for creative expressions beyond verbal language, leading to the development and expansion of your creativity and performance ability.

I have special training and extensive experience offering psychotherapy to professionals of every creative field and writers, including graduate students stuck in writing their dissertation. If you are uncertain about what kind of help you may need, do not hesitate in contacting me.