Being a foreigner myself, I deeply understand the challenges and stresses that acculturation may impose on immigrants. Moving to a new country is a complex multidimensional process that requires significant adjustments and changes in one's life. Getting used to a new culture is usually a long process, which unfold throughout several years and generations. During this process, you may experience stress, depression, anxiety or simply a sense of not belonging and/or being misplaced.

As an immigrant you may have a hard time finding a comfortable place and voice in this foreign land. Negotiating the cultural differences (and sometimes facing discrimination) is a daily challenging task that you cannot refrain from. Beyond that, living in another culture highly impacts one's identity in a deep, subtle and permanent way. You may feel out of place in the US, while not being able to feel at home in your homeland country anymore either. A weird and complicated sense of being homeless may lead you to feel constantly dislocated.

In my work, I will help you traverse those difficulties in order for you to feel more grounded and develop a better understanding of yourself in this new 'hybrid' identity. As we explore the diverse facets of this issue, we will work towards building on your strengths, resources and creativity to overcome emotional and practical obstacles to acculturation in order for you to have a more rewarding and enjoyable life in the US.

I see immigrants who:

  • are struggling with adjusting to a new culture;
  • bi-cultural and/or people who are striving to integrate their own cultural identity;
  • bi-cultural and/or bilingual children and children who are still adapting to living in the US;
  • bi-cultural couples who are struggling with relationship issues due to cultural differences.

I also offer workshop for immigrants on adapting to American Culture. Please, do not hesitate in contacting me if you have questions. I will hear your concerns and help define what kind of help is more appropriate for your specific circumstances.