carolina bacchi, Psy.D.


5665 College ave suite 340C

Oakland, CA 94618



I meet with my patients at least once a week. Sessions are 50 minutes long and scheduled on a regular appointment time every week. The frequency and consistency of our appointments creates a necessary flow for the psychotherapy or psychoanalytic process to evolve and flourish. Many people find that working more frequently increases the potential for change and transformation, allowing for more in-depth exploration of their struggles. In our first appointment, we will discuss what might be the best treatment option for you considering the specifics of what brings you in.


For your convenience, I accept cash, check, credit card and paypal ( 



My fee is comparable with average rate for psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in the Bay Area. Please call to inquire about current fees and availability.  I accept payment directly from insurance companies if I am a participant provider . Otherwise, I will provide a monthly bill for insurance reimbursement. If you are interested in receiving insurance reimbursement you may want to call your insurance company before our first session and ask the following questions:

  • what is my mental health coverage?

  • how many sessions I am covered in any given year?

  • do I need a pre-authorization for beginning treatment?

  • what amount or percentage of sessions are covered?

  • what information do you require for reimbursement?



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