Welcome to my Practice

Welcome to my website!

I am a licensed psychologist providing individual and couple's psychotherapy, and consultation in the East Bay. I have a general psychoanalytically-oriented practice, working with children and adults from diverse cultural backgrounds and a wide variety of concerns. I see patients both in English and Portuguese, and I specialize in parenting issues, early childhood difficulties, creative blocks and acculturation struggles.

I know that sometimes, in our contemporary culture, psychotherapy carries a lot of stigma and is usually associated with weakness, illness, and shame. Even though it is true that people usually come to psychotherapy because they feel disrupted, uncomfortable or unhappy and tend to actually be in a lot of emotional pain, I actually see psychotherapy as a blessing. It is a wonderful and unique opportunity for growth and self-awareness provided to the bravest of us who allow themselves to be shaken and awaken.

If you are considering engaging in psychotherapy, and wonders how that works and ways in which it can be helpful, you are already one step further than you probably thought.

I hope my website pages help you learn more about me and my practice. Finding a therapist who is good match for your needs is essential. Please, feel free to contact me  with any questions you may have or to schedule a first consultation.