In the depths of our mind, we find secrets waiting to be revealed 


Many times we feel stuck without knowing why and how. Stucknness manifests in many different ways (e.g. depression, anxiety, lack of creativity, excessive worry fears or sadness, among others), and  seeing a therapist may help with understanding and managing your struggles. In a psychoanalytic-oriented psychotherapy you will be able to deeply explore many covered meanings in the depths of your mind that are at the root of your challenges. 

Psychoanalytic-oriented psychotherapy enriches the dialogue between what we know about ourselves (our behaviors, thoughts, actions) and the unrevealed meanings that escape our awareness (our inner motivations, patterns of interaction and undeveloped aspects of our personality). As we amplify this dialogue between known and unknown parts of our experience, we become more able to make use of the ways in which both interact. This process expands our emotional and social vocabulary and our ability to manage our feelings, thoughts and relationships, leading to lasting transformation and to a life more fully lived. 




I have always been intrigued by the struggles we face when trying to navigate the complexities that life entails in order to find our own authentic and creative voice. In my clinical work, I hope to help my patients re-connect with unknown aspects of their emotional experience and become more creative, flexible and playful.

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I see people who struggle with depression and anxiety; work stress; relationship conflict and loss; life transitions; immigration and acculturation difficulties; creative and writing blocksearly childhood emotional struggles; parenting, including pregnancy and postpartum adjustments; family planing and fertility issues.

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